Meet The Big D's Family

Dennis "Big D" Carman


Hey everyone, a little about myself. I'm a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and when I fell into vaping was when I was driving a truck, smoking way too much. After an incident blacking out behind the wheel of a big rig and going into a ditch, I came to headed towards a tree and power pole. That's when I realized my heavy smoking had to end. So I picked up vaping, didn't like any flavors out there and started making my own, and from there people started buying from me at home as they said they were very good blends. From there this grew into taking a leap of faith the next year, didn't want to drive any longer and opened my 1st store on June 14th, 2014 

My art was able to taste match any juice a person brought me because they liked my prices. Once you try my e-Juice you'll find it "very flavorful" and is a great handcrafted juice as like some foods grandma's used to make.

Sandy "Mama Boss" Carman


Everyone loves Sandy and give her the nickname "Mama Boss" she the best cook and baker I've encountered in my life. But shes truly know for her "home made sticky cinnamon rolls" each is about 4"x4" and 2in thick and weigh in at about 3/4 of a pound. Spread some real butter on it and heat for 15 seconds and you've got a warm delicious breakfast with coffee

Jake "Redneck" Yocum


Jake loves working in this business. He's a redneck who loves 4x4 trucks and playin in the mud with any 4x4. He has a heart of gold, and would help anyone in need. I've been with him since he was 8 years old, so it's been 20 years this next year.

The History of Big D's

From Dreams to Reality:

Originally a small business from the room of a single story home...